1. What are my member benefits of being an Al Wasl Water loyal customer?
• Access to the best quality purified mineral water in the region (Sodium only 1mg/l)
• Member of the highest rated water brand in the region (4.9-star Google rating)
• No delivery charges
• Flexible payment options - Not present at delivery location? Or want to minimize face-to-face interaction? You can now order and pay for our products through our website
• No payment at every delivery - one-time advance payment according to package
• On-time weekly delivery schedule
• Cashless payments - Pay online in just few clicks without any interaction; Our delivery agents are also equipped with Card Terminals
• No 5-Gallon bottle deposits until three bottles per week
• Special offline offers through our delivery agents
• Special giveaways to loyal customers with high weekly 5-Gallon refill consumption
2. What is a 5-Gallon bottled water?
A 5-gallon (18.9 Litres) bottled water is a large container used to store and transport drinking water. It is often used in situations where a portable, easily accessible source of clean drinking water is needed, such as homes, offices, or during outdoor activities.
3. What are the benefits of Al Wasl 5-Gallon bottled water?
Our 5-gallon size is popular because:
• Fresh water supply - our premium drinking water in 5-Gallon bottles reaches the customer the very next day after a cooling period.
• Ease of use - it can be easily refilled or replaced when empty
• Cost-effective solution. - purchasing a 5-Gallon (18.9L) drinking water is much more cost-effective than the same quantity of water through other bottling solutions.
• Food-Grade packaging - the bottles are manufactured from highest food-grade materials, ensuring the water remains safe for consumption.
• Easy dispensing options - it provides a sufficient quantity of water for multiple people at once and can be easily dispensed by pumps, Coolers, etc.
4. What are the benefits of Al Wasl 5-Gallon (PC) and 5-Gallon (BPA-Free) ranges?
• 5-Gallon (PC) - Our Polycarbonate (PC) bottles are food-grade, durable, stress free and heat resistant (thermally stable up to 135°C), hence no taste or properties are imparted to filled water.
• 5-Gallon (BPA-Free) - Our BPA-Free (Bisphenol-A Free) bottles are more eco-friendly (lesser carbon footprint), more durable and have a higher thermal stability than other bottled solutions.
5. How can I place an order for an Al Wasl Water product?
Please visit our Order Page, browse our products and special offers, place an order, make secure payment in just a few clicks and wait for your delivery!
6. What is your delivery process?
Once order is placed (minimum order of AED 50) on a working day before 3pm, the delivery will be made on the same working day.
From second delivery onwards, please keep your empty 5-Gallon bottles on your doorstep on the day before your weekly delivery day. Our delivery agent will then reach your doorstep on your weekly delivery day and complete the 5-Gallon refill delivery.
Customers are encouraged to avail their delivery on their weekly delivery day. Al Wasl Water does not entertain on-call deliveries unless there is an emergency. This is to ensure our scheduling plans are accurate to serve our large customer base.
7. Are there any charges for delivery?
No, one of the main member benefits of being our loyal customer is delivery is Free of charge.
8. What do you mean by Weekly Delivery Day?
A Weekly Delivery Day is assigned to each one of our customers. This means that we will visit your doorstep on this day every week so that we can refill your 5-Gallon water. This is done to ensure accurate scheduling of our delivery services, thus enabling our customers to avail a hassle-free and on-time delivery at all times.
In case of deliveries for any emergencies, please call our Customer Care at 600-567-890 or drop an email to customercare@alwaslwater.com during our office timing (Mon - Sat: 8am to 5pm).
Please note that weekly scheduling also helps our company to collect empty bottles and refill to required customers thus making us more eco-friendly.
9. What do you mean by 5-Gallon refill?
One Refill = Exchange of One empty 5-Gallon bottle with One water-filled 5-Gallon bottle. This refill is completed by our delivery agent and customer must provide a Coupon Leaf to enable the delivery completion
10. What is the AED 25 refundable deposit for a 5-Gallon bottle and why should I pay it?
As part of our asset protection programme (Read Terms & Conditions), we schedule a fixed number of 5-Gallon water bottles to each customer weekly. If a customer requires more than this number for any reason weekly, then a refundable bottle deposit of AED 25 is applied for each bottle until the customer gives these bottles back to Al Wasl Water. This refundable deposit is also applied if the customer doesn’t opt for weekly delivery.
If a customer is part of our Package Refill scheme (Coupon Book system), this refundable deposit is waived for up to a weekly consumption of three 5-Gallon bottles.
For any customer not part of our Package Refill scheme, this refundable deposit is applied for every bottle. Avail regular member benefits by joining our Package Refill scheme.
Please note that Coupon Book system will soon be replaced by our Al Wasl Water app. More to follow on this 😊
11. How can I get my bottle deposit refund?
During collection of each bottle deposit, our delivery agent will give you a receipt for bottle deposit once paid according to the order. Deposits made over online orders will have receipt immediately emailed to customer.
This receipt must be produced to the delivery agent in order to initiate refund process. The amount will then be refunded to the customer on or before the next weekly delivery day.
12. Are the 5-Gallon bottles mine once I order them?
The 5-Gallon bottles are properties and assets of Al Wasl Water and do not belong to the customer. We reserve the right to claim our assets from our customers in events of inactivity or if company policy is not followed. Please read our Terms & Conditions.
If you wish to purchase our bottles, kindly email customercare@alwaslwater.com and we will be happy to assist you further.
13. Is there any minimum order price or quantity?
A minimum order of AED 50 is applicable if you are a new customer.
According to weekly consumption, a maximum quantity of up to three 5-Gallon bottles are assigned to each customer, after-which a refundable bottle deposit will be applied per bottle if customer requires more than three 5-Gallon bottles weekly.
14. In which all Emirates do you have delivery?
Currently we have region-wide delivery all over Dubai. We also have deliveries in Sharjah and Ajman in limited areas - this is will be confirmed by our Customer Care team.
15. What is the Package Refill Scheme (Coupon Book System)?
Package Refill scheme or Coupon Book system is the way within which refill deliveries are completed. Once you make a purchase of a refill package, you will be given a Coupon Book containing the number of leafs relevant to your purchase.
One Coupon Leaf = One Filled 5-Gallon bottle.
You can avail a refill, by placing an empty 5-Gallon bottle with a Coupon Leaf at your doorstep. Our delivery agent will then complete the refill.
Please note that delivery will not be completed in the absence of a Coupon Leaf or an empty 5-Gallon bottle.
Once Coupon Book nears completion of leafs, you can place order online and new Coupon Book will be delivered by our delivery agent.
16. Is there an expiry date for a Coupon Book?
As a company policy, each Coupon Book is valid for 2 years from the date of delivery to the customer. Also, if a Coupon Book is not used for 6 months, it will automatically become inactive and expire due to inactivity.
17. What payment options do you have?
All our products are inclusive of 5% VAT.
• Secure Online Payments (Fast, Secure and Easy) - through our website with an easy checkout process.
• Card terminals - our delivery agents carry Card terminals too
• Cash payments - we can also accept cash payments when requested from customer
Please note that we encourage our customers to make cashless payments. Online orders are immediately scheduled for delivery and also disallows any cash handling issues.
18. How do I cancel an order and get refund for online payments?
An order placed online cannot be cancelled as it is passed on to the delivery team immediately and already assigned. However, in exceptional cases, we allow for exchange of our other products for the amount paid.
For any other queries regarding this, please drop us an email at customercare@alwaslwater.com
19. Are there any special offers for new customers?
We run special offline campaigns every month, however these offers can only be availed through our sales representatives. If you have received a brochure or contact for a representative, please contact them to avail any special offers at that time.
20. Do you take other company 5-Gallon bottles and replace with yours?
It is an illegal activity to take other company bottles and we do not indulge in such. You must return other company bottles back to the same company to whom the bottles belong to. According to the governing laws, strict sanctions can be applied to any party not following above procedure.
We are a Board Member of UAE’s Bottled Water Business Group and our General Manager is the Secretary General of this group. We uphold all laws governing the Emirate of Dubai and always operate in complete professionalism with utmost respect to our customers, competitors and all parties involved.